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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) about our Yama Therapeutics Yoga Teacher Training Program.

If you don't see your question on this list, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have, 

What are the pre-requisites for RYT 200?

There are none, other than a curious mind that wants to deeply understand the history, philosophy and true purpose behind yoga and meditation.

What are the pre-requisities for RTY 300?

RYT 200 and two years experience teaching is preferred. Exceptions to this are made, dependent upon the student's background and level of understanding of yoga, specifically from a therapeutic yoga perspective.


Which of Niyama's training programs are eligible for Yoga Alliance credits?

All of our yoga teacher training programs are eligible: RYT 200, RYT 300 and Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


If I have done RYT 200 elsewhere, can I still do RYT 300 with Niyama?

Yes. We will just need to meet prior to ensure that the required education requirements are met. If there is a discrepancy in knowledge, we are happy to make arrangements to allow you to join our RYT 300. This will likely entail meeting separately with one of our qualified instructors, prior to the start of the program, to bring you up to speed. 

Does the tuition include books, travel expenses and/or accommodation?

No. A full syllabus is released approximately four weeks prior to the program start date. It will include the required reading, optional reading and what is expected from each trainee. Travel and accommodation are not covered. However, if you are traveling from a long distance, we have many tribe members who may be able to offer you accommodation. In addition, there are very reasonably priced hotels in the area. 

How does the payment plan work? Will I have to pay interest? Do you run a credit check before allowing people to have a payment plan?


If you choose a payment plan, you will pay an additional $10 per month ($50 total) to take advantage of our payment plans. The plans can be customized for each participant; the only criteria is that all plans must be paid in full by Month 5.

Are there scholarships available?

Not at this time. However, in 2023 we expect to be in a position to be able to offer scholarships.

Do you offer work study and/or work exchange programs for teacher training programs?


No, but we do offer free memberships to our shalas for all teacher trainees and then discounted monthly memberships upon completition of our training program. We also open our shalas for Karma Yoga Classes that can be part of the trainee's internship program, free of charge. 

Can I catch up on training if I have to miss any sessions?

Yes. We are happy to meet with you privately if this occurs. You are allowed to miss a total of one weekend during the training program, with the intention that all missed hours are made up the next month.  

How many people will be in the course?

We are leaving the programs open to all whom are interested. However, if we are requested to cap the program due to capacity constraints, then 20 people would be the maximum.

How much homework should I expect?


Part of the reason we believe in a nine month training program for RYT 200, and a 12 month training program for RYT 300, is so trainees can learn in accordance with Ayurvedic philosophy. Ayurvedic philosophy allows for the appropriate time for education, absorption, integration and self evolution. Therefore, our homework is critical to the program and considered equally as important as in-class hours. Per month, we estimate that the average trainee spends 12 hours in total. However, some months may be less and some months may be more. For our anatomy part of the training, you can expect to spend two hours per month on just anatomy. The balance will include reading material, application of the material, hands on experientials, internships, book reports, teaching time and of course, a final project.

How will I be assessed during the training? 

At Niyama, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive teacher training in the industry. We therefore make it our mission to spend time with all trainees in classroom, via our online classroom and mentorship program; all of which is included in the training cost. Your participation in group conversations, both in classroom and on the online platform we have created, is essential. We look for yoginis and yogis who are looking to evolve and become part of a much greater community, therefore participation and committment are keys to success. Additionally, all homework assignments are graded as well as other experiental work that is done. We view our program as an interactive program that will enable the student to comfortably enter the workforce ready to share, and teach, the Art of Yoga. 

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