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Q&A with Margaret: A complete teacher training experience

Margaret Krupa, recent RYT 200 graduate (she's on the right!).

Margaret Krupa has been an educator for over 27 years. She is a retired elementary school teacher and has always been connected to energy work. Since retirement, Margaret has completed her RYT Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training at Niyama Yoga Shala as well as becoming a Reiki Master under the guidance of Reiki Master, Grace Conte.

Q: Why did you decide to do a Teacher Training?

A: For me, taking the teacher training seemed like a natural next step to deepening my own practice and to do something that involves teaching. I am a retired teacher and the idea of teaching again was very exciting.

Q:What was your experience like at Niyama?

A: A word that comes to mind about the experience at Niyama for the teacher training is "complete". There were so many components that covered a wide variety of educational experiences that made this training really push us to a level of comfort being in front of a group teaching asana. The relationships that were formed added to the experience. The women that I trained with have become friends. This was definitely in large part due to the structure of the training which included the building of "families". Those "families" expanded to basically creating a "tribe" of women who supported each other throughout the entire course.

Q:Why would you recommend Niyama's training over others?

A: This training truly provided more than just the tools necessary to teach an asana class. The deep look into self, the learning of all the other limbs [of yoga], the study of the Yamas and Niyamas, the reflections really opened the door for growth as an individual. It opens your soul wide enough for you to take a look at what is going on with "me". It helps to answer the questions of where this wonderful life journey might go next. This class prepares you as a WHOLE person to become a yoga instructor and/or better human. It strips away the layers that have built up over the years and allows for new things to take place.

Q:What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

Having experienced a health crisis during the training really opened my eyes to the fact that yoga is so much more than just asana. (I knew this prior, but understand it on a deeper level now). Living the life, talking the talk, walking the walk is my big take away. Allowing the release of the ego and the freedom that comes with that.

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