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Niyama Yoga & Yama Therapeutics
RYT 200

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Are you interested in focused, 1:1 RYT 200 teacher training with one of the top Yoga Therapists in the area? 


Niyama Yoga Shala and Yama Therapeutics are proud to offer private yoga teacher training for those interested in RYT 200. These options are for those who are interested in a more intimate teaching environment that also fosters accelerated learning and focuses on the individual needs of the student.

With Nicole Zornitzer
Program Director

Private Yoga Teacher Training Overview

200 hour yoga teacher training

While our traditional teacher training program is nine months long, meeting one weekend per month, this option may not be one that meets everyone’s desired timeframe for studying to become a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor.  Often, we have students who are able to dedicate more time during the work week and are interested in fast tracking their experience with us.  For the past 13 years we have offered individuals the opportunity to study and mentor directly under our Founder, Nicole Zornitzer, E-RYT 2000, Yoga Therapist.


Benefits of private yoga teacher training with Niyama

  • Ability to train in less than nine months (timing is dependent upon the schedule that is agreed upon between Niyama and student).  The average amount of time to expect is between 4-5 months. However, this can change depending upon needs and completion of required work

  • 1:1 Attention to student needs, desire for focused area of practice and ability to work closely with Nicole Zornitzer for optimal training

  • Weekly in person training sessions built around personal needs

  • Studying the material in a condensed timeline enables full absorption into the program with minimal time to get distracted

  • Accountability is up to you (the student), therefore the more motivated you are the easier the process will be

  • Focused interaction and attention given to the individual versus a group environment

  • In a world of continual change and needs for on-line experiences, included in your training is a private google classroom and hybrid anatomy training (20 hours completed on-line with our masters of anatomy Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews and the balance done with Niyama either in person or via ZOOM)

  • Work at your own pace with required home study and work to be completed weekly

  • Support during required internship that can be completed at Niyama Yoga Shalas

  • All teachers who graduate under Niyama Yoga Shala / Yama Therapeutics have the ability to receive full-time work at one of our Shalas upon completion of training

  • Registered 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Certification

  • Ability to enroll in our 300 Hour TT, Yin Yoga TT, Ayurvedic Training & Meditation TT upon completion

  • Free membership to our Shalas enabling complete fusion into our philosophy and team of elite instructors during the time of your training

  • An unparalleled training experience with a leader in the industry

What can I expect in my private yoga teacher training?

  • Weekly in person training (2-4 hours per week) at our Shalas

  • Weekly homework

  • Mentorship with Nicole Zornitzer

  • Focused training around what area of expertise you are interested in from a therapeutic yoga perspective

  • Access to our on-line classroom

  • Access to our world class anatomy program

  • Complete syllabus and required reading materials

  • Internship support and follow through

  • Average amount of time spent per week is 10 hours

Where do we train?

All of Niyama Yoga New Jersey Shalas (Randolph, Roseland and Sparta).


*If you live in Florida, your training experience will be held via weekly ZOOM weekly meetings. In person training will be once per month (at a minimum) at our Delray Beach satellite location with Nicole Zornitzer.

What is the investment?



*Tuition is non-refundable and timeframe to complete the training is 1 year from start date


200 hour yoga teacher training

This is the most in depth & useful
anatomy training available to teacher training programs today.This full in-person experience is available only through studios like Niyama Yoga & Wellness.

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